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Cosmos Validator

The Cephalopod Equipment validator was a proud participant in the gentx ceremony of the Cosmos Hub and has been an active validator since the genesis block.

We recently upgraded our infrastructure and cycled validator signing and operator keys. Here is a summary of our setup:

  • Operator Address
    • cosmosvaloper16k579jk6yt2cwmqx9dz5xvq9fug2tekvlu9qdv
    • 2-of-3 multisig
  • Commission
    • Rate: 8.11%
    • Max Change Rate: 1.18%
    • Max Rate: 42%
  • Datacenter
    • Tier 3
    • Near Toronto, Canada
  • Hardware
    • RAID-1 storage
    • TPM encrypted hard drive
    • Secure Boot
    • Redundant networking and power
  • Signer
    • Yubikey HSM
    • Tendermint KMS
  • Sentry Nodes
    • VPN on AWS
  • Alerting
    • Peer connectivity
    • Height drift

You can delegate to our validator by using Lunie or your Cosmos wallet of choice.

By delegating to our validator, you agree to our terms and conditions.