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Director of Infrastructure & Operations

Cephalopod Equipment Corporation is looking for a new team member to help grow the team.

We are a small, independent network validator based in Toronto, Canada. We exist to enable global and local participant-owned networks. Our validator supports Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency technologies that are designed to meet real work needs and establish new economic systems of coordination. Our validator currently supports the Cosmos Network and will be expanding to support more Proof of Stake networks.

The Cephalopod team has significant experience in data center operations, distributed systems, and cryptocurrency. We are long term contributors to the Cosmos project, including one of the founders and some of the earliest team members.

This is a unique role that allows you to both maintain and advance Cephalopod’s robust and reliable infrastructure while also being an active member in PoS validator communities.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain, improve and architect new datacenter presence
  • Maintain, improve and architect new AWS infrastructure
  • Investigate other proof-of-stake blockchain networks and implement new projects
  • Help to build and maintain company community presence in telegram groups, online forums etc.

Skills Required:

  • Experience with Amazon AWS EC2, Route53, VPC networking configuration knowledge
  • Small-scale data centre experience
  • Experience with CentOS Linux server user knowledge and filesystem experience
  • Experience with creating monitoring configurations and monitoring the above technologies (Datadog, Zabbix, etc)
  • Experience with Hashicorp Terraform HCL language, especially with the AWS provider
  • General Github and Git knowledge

Skills nice to have:

  • Experience with Cisco router and managed firewall understanding and programming knowledge
  • Experience with IPSec VPN usage, basic understanding and configuring knowledge
  • Hands-on experience with Dell Poweredge, iDRAC configuration and usage
  • Some experience with HTML5 and CSS
  • Experience with Jekyll web framework

Location: Toronto (GTA) To apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to squad@cephalopod.equipment